A holiday in beautiful and undisturbed Spanish Andalucia is and remains a wonderful experience. In and around the towns Frigiliana and Nerja you’ll still find the rich Spanish traditions. Mass tourisme is still far away. This is the reason why visitors are returning to enjoy the beauty of nature, the well kept villages, the diversity of the beaches and the hospitality of the local people.

For many years local owners of apartments en houses consider the tourisme an easy source of income. Accommodations were furnished with old and worn out furniture. The demand exceeded the supply. Many tourists were very disappointed when they have to pay a lot of money for a poor accommodation.

FrigilianaHolidayHomes offers holiday accommodations which measure up to the high Northern European standards of quality. Why settle for less while everyone is committed to comfort?

All accommodations FrigilianaHolidayHomes offers are very special. Because of the location, the special architecture, all accommodations meet up to the same standards you require in your own home. All accommodations are equiped with good and comfortable beds, good quality bed- and bathlinen, a complete decorated living, bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. All for your privacy. The accommodations have tv with international stations and internet by WiFi.

We like to welcome you in one of our splendid houses.